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 	4.5 out of 5 ★
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 	5 out of 5 ★
August 18, 2022
Sharon Edwards

Love using Pingo to keep in touch with…

Love using Pingo to keep in touch with my family in the UK from the USA! Pricing is the best for long distance!
 	5 out of 5 ★
August 3, 2022
Sunday Ntiejumokwu

Very reliable

Very reliable
 	5 out of 5 ★
August 2, 2022
Wai Chuay Lum

Not Bad

Reliable and easy to use.
 	5 out of 5 ★
June 10, 2022
Ramesh Wadhwani

most easiet international dialing…

most easiet international dialing system on the go
 	5 out of 5 ★
March 18, 2022
Howard Youngkrantz

I have used Pingo for many years

I have used Pingo for many years. The calls are very good and inexpensive. I would highly recommend using it. I use a lot for calls to other countries because it is very inexpensive.
 	4 out of 5 ★
December 27, 2021

Good service but a little bit expensive…

Good service but a little bit expensive to the country that I call to.
 	5 out of 5 ★
December 9, 2021
John Fitzpatrick

Easy to use Use to reach friends all…

Easy to use Use to reach friends all over world who are not tech savvy. Connection super fast and great sound
 	5 out of 5 ★
December 7, 2021
Donna Johnson

They are the best

They are the best . never a problem they are so good .
 	5 out of 5 ★
November 30, 2021
Susan Mekenye

I like whenever I load my minutes I…

I like whenever I load my minutes I don’t have to kegive my entire information and it is quick. It is really easy to make international calls without dropping.I really don’t have any complains and Iam thankful that you are always there to lead minutes whenever I Load.
 	5 out of 5 ★
November 28, 2021
Swiss Guy

Excellent & Reliable Service

For years, Pingo has provided reliable service on international calls.
 	4 out of 5 ★
November 25, 2021
avi vardi

Service works pretty well

Service works pretty well, most of the time.
 	5 out of 5 ★
November 24, 2021
Kathy Sterling

Been a customer for a long time

Been a customer for a long time. Obviously, very satisfied.Prices and ease of use are big selling point for me.
 	5 out of 5 ★
November 20, 2021

Good pick for international call

I like the stable connection with reasonable price.
 	5 out of 5 ★
October 6, 2019
Vijay Shah

Stay away from this website to buy…sorry by mistake wrong website

Stay away from this website to buy anything. I bought an item 3-4 days ago and so far I have not received any communication about when the item will be shipped. I did get email that order was received. I sent multiple emails about inquiring the status or when it will be shipped, but absolutely no response. I cannot recommend anyone to buy anything from this website. Update: my sincere apologies to I thought I had typed Please disregard my comments about
 	5 out of 5 ★
March 7, 2019

I've been a customer since 2015

I've been a customer since 2015. I'm amazed at the level of attention Pingo has provided me. I sent an email reporting an issue to my destination. I got a quick response and personable attention. Jay did an awesome job explaining the steps that were taken to escalate my situation, he also followed up by calling me and sending an email with all the details. Small things like these makeup a great experience. For me finding a company with great customer service is a must. I don't care how "great" their service may be or how "big" the company is, if I feel that their customer service skills are not top notch I change companies in a heartbeat. This is the first time I reach out for help since I have Pingo and I'm glad to say that I'm not disappointed!
 	5 out of 5 ★
October 12, 2018

Best international calling service !!

I’ve been a Pingo customer for a long time. Have never received rude customer service from any of his representatives. Recently i had a problem with my account i called and everyone that i came in contact with while resolving the problem was very professional and courteous. Specially Brian he went above and beyond to make sure my problem was resolved. If I could give them 10 starts I would without hesitation! Pingo is the best calling service there is!
 	5 out of 5 ★
January 13, 2016

Wonderful Pingo marketing team

They are very efficient, and thinking of their customer's needs, they have proved what a wonderful team they are. I am so happy to choose Pingo, I will keep doing business with them.
 	4 out of 5 ★
July 25, 2013
Tom Bötsch

after some original problems verifying my account, i was contacted by phone & my acct was enabled, the service works & i give it a thumbs up

originally i had some issues getting verified & customer service did not respond, but after posting on trustpilot i was contacted directly by phone by a friendly representative & my account was enabled plus an extra 5$ for the trouble. I used the service right away & must say, it works well, thank you pingo, you have just earned a repeat customer!
 	5 out of 5 ★
January 2, 2013
Steven Lewis

Pingo is reliable, DOES Respond to problems and my faith in this company is renewed.

Pingo has worked well for us for a few months on three separante phone accounts and we have been really pleased with their calling system, ez-dial software and especially their rates and website. BUT recently, a charge showed up from them on our bank account which we "absolutely did not make". This charge was not credited to our Pingo account, it simply was charged to us and disappeared into their system. No problem, "Pingo is great", we thought. Well, we made three calls to them to correct this and no relief, they denied it. So, I wrote a scathing review here and made a chargeback at the bank. Then, because my review appeared here where they monitor, upper management called me and helped me analyze the problem. Guess what? It was our fault! Our son's account had the wrong card attached to it and the charge came from my wife's card and showed up in another. Anyway, it was OUR FAULT, like many (can't say if all) of these Pingo complaints here seem to be. Thanks Pingo team for fixing this. I much prefer to admit we screwed up and renew my confidence in the best long distance provider we've ever had
 	5 out of 5 ★
July 23, 2011
Eric S.

New client: Calling from my cellphone in the US to Cellphone in Paris France

My girlfriend is in Paris, France for a month and after spending almost $400 with AT&T I started investigating alternatives. I tried "Pennytalk" a complete joke and Skype which is fine if your near your PC. I am calling cellphone to cellphone both AT&T US (CA) cellphone numbers. The first phone call went through without a hitch and subsequent phone calls were better then my providers! I read the bad reviews and can't understand what the problem is? This is a first rate stand up company that I will recommend to all my friends! Eric S, Palo Alto, California